Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Natural Cottage Project at the Strawbale Studio (outside of Oxford, MI) is well underway! We are halfway through the workshop and have made amazing progress.  Today is a day off (which allowed me a little time to write this), then tomorrow, we´ll get back into it.  In a few weeks, I´ll explain more of the entire process for building the cottage, but for now, I thought you´d be excited to see how far we´ve come.

Feel free to ask some questions and I´ll try to give a more complete update next time!

Love and Peace to you all!

Sawing out a tenon for the bottom of the post!

We made some cob to create the bond beam in the foundation (to attach strawbales to) and we also started a garden wall beside the cottage to create a little seating area. I love the versaility and flexiblility of cob!

I got to do some of the actual placement of the beams and floorboards for the loft in the stucture. Those push-ups paid off!

Laying rough sawn cottonwood floorboards for the loft.

Hammering a peg.  There is no metal in this frame!

The Foundation and Timberframe Completed!

How cool is that!!?!

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